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CEOs  and Senior Executives
Learn and implement a proven process to adjust leadership behaviors getting in the way of business growth.

Envision a path for your organization where every leader  at  every level   is growing faster than your business challenges

​Additional Takeaways:

  • Select the most critical leadership development goal for yourself

  • Gather feedback from your team of Stakeholders

  • Develop an action plan to adjust your leadership habits impacting your goal

  • Accelerate growth and reduce stress as you become a more encouraging leader

Formats:  (Limited to 12 Participants)

  • 5 X 2h Group Sessions

    • Monday                May 1, 2023       (9AM-11AM CDT)

    • Wednesday         May 10, 2023     (9AM-11AM CDT)

    • Wednesday         May 31, 2023     (9AM-11AM CDT)

    • Wednesday         June 14, 2023    (9AM-11AM CDT)

    • Wednesday         June 21, 2023    (9AM-11AM CDT)

  • 2x 1:1 x 55 min Coaching Sessions with a Certified Coach

  • Access to Coach Between Sessions

  • Ongoing Group Channel for Best Practice Sharing and Encouragement

Pricing: $5,000/Leader


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