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Presentations & Keynotes

Links to EL draft presentations available to all EL Coaching Partners

EL Value Proposition Presentation (Developed Q1 2024):

The foundation of this was created by our Coaching Partner Team on 3/8/24 during a team meeting in St. Louis following YPO's Key Staff Day 2024. The purpose is to provide all Coaching Partners with access to a "Sales Presentation" that they can utilize in any way they choose.


PowerPoint Presentation File - Exponential Leadership Growth - Keynote Draft.pptx

Transcript Summary - 

Transcript Detailed Script - 

EL Standardized Keynote (Developed Q4 2023):

This deck was created based on our multiple Keynotes, Presentations and Workshops done in the past. They are MORE slides than needed for each section. This allows the delivering Coaching Partner the ability to select what they want to use for their specific event. The Coaching Partner Success Manager (Chelsea Dodds) is available to assist with any and all preparation.

***If this is used for a Workshop rather than a Keynote, all activity slides have been added to the end of the presentation but not included in the Outline.***

Presentation Digital View Only

Presentation PDF Version

Keynote Outline Download

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