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Links to regularly used documents and more provided here for our Encouraging Leaders Coaches



Garry Ridge Interview -

Stakeholder Centered Coaching -

Coachable Kid -

“Designing the Future You Want” Ari Weinzweig on Visioning -

Marc’s Keynote for Crown Equipment -



New Client Process Checklist with Links to Contract Template and More -

Coaching Process Map -

Skills Assessment -


20 Bad Habits -


Do's & Don'ts -

Johari Window (EL Version) -

Action Planning Skills Development (Part 1)

Action Planning Skills Development (Part 1) COACH KEY -!Aqg6I2i7TsQqkxdTaeQEPexyDTGR?e=Rx86c8

Action Planning Skills Development (Part 2) -

Action Plan Daily Checklist Excel Template -

Mini-Survey Sample -

Mini Survey Questions PDF -


Gallop Article -

Atomic Habits Book Info - Forms:

Mini-Survey Request Form -

Email Templates:

Stakeholder Email Template -

Enrolling Stakeholders Meeting Invitation Email Template -

Responding with Initial Action Plan Email Template -


Johari Window -

Hunter Assignment Slides (Group 2) -

Stakeholder Kickoff Sample Presentation -

Follow-Up Results Presentation - Follow Up Results Presentation.pptx

PDF Version - Study Summary -

Study Details - apmh-aid1022-APMH0008(p063).indd (

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