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Are you a
CEO  or Senior Executive?

CEOs everywhere are frustrated.  

You may be one of them. Frustrated with the rate of growth of your business or the lack of progress towards your purpose or both.  

At Encouraging Leaders, we help successful CEOs and senior leaders become even more successful by accelerating their growth and the growth of every leader at every

level in their organization.

Marc D Braun

Grow in Profit 


Accelerate Growth

of Every Leader through the Encouraging Leaders

Coaching System


Experience a Memorable Presentation and Encourage Your Team


Develop a custom workshop for your team, business or association

Work With ME

Are You One of Us?

Are you a president, CEO or senior leader trying to grow your business profitably, sustainably AND with purpose?


Are you struggling to attract, train, and develop leaders able to tackle the exponentially growing challenges every business is facing?

If this applies to you then you’re not alone. In 2019, 181 of the world’s top CEOs publicly committed to having a purpose beyond profits and yet every one of them felt the weight of growing challenges just to keep up with current business demands.   


Being a President/CEO myself, I know that you can only succeed by developing ways to grow yourself AND grow your team.  You need your OWN practical steps to increased profitability and greater purpose, for you, for your team, and for your business. 


Work with our team to build a culture of accelerated growth for every leader at every level.  A courageous culture delivering exceptional business results with purpose.  

Work with our team to build a culture of accelerated growth for every leader at every level. 
A courageous culture delivering exceptional business results with purpose.  

Overcome Fear and Lead with Courage

That’s what it will take you to the next level of success.  


Our team combines decades of C-Suite experience to deliver courageous business & cultural results at every level of the organization with a time-tested coaching model. With this experience, we offer CEOs and senior leaders of privately held firms the encouragement they need to grow themselves, their people, and their businesses.


Through 1:1 coaching and team coaching, we will help you identify and change the critical behaviors holding back the growth of you and your team.


We can’t wait to meet you and see how we can encourage you to radically transform yourself and your business.

Become the leader you were created to be!

Hi, I’m Marc D Braun

I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Encouraging Leaders. I'm also the Past Board President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.  I understand the pressures you face regarding the decisions you make and the actions you take.  I also understand How to help you accelerate the growth of every leader in your organization.


Through 30+ years of building systems of excellence, I learned how to make coaching effective, simple, scalable, and impactful.  I’m eternally grateful for this experience and found it invaluable to my growth, and the growth of the businesses I've led. Now our team is ready to help you do the same.

Are you curious to get a closer look?


Courageous CEO’s Create Courageous Cultures

Over the past 13 years, I’ve been leading one of the most benchmarked cultures in the world, 


Over 5000 people have traveled from around the world to see this incredible growth-based culture of courage.   Averaging over 15% compounded annual growth while delivering on the owner’s purpose to restore Glory and Dignity to work, together we built coaching into every level of leader.

Under Garry Ridge's leadership, WD-40 built an incredible culture of growth on a global scale, where every leader at every level knew their primary role was to coach and develop the next level of leadership.


No matter what your stated purpose, we can utilize proven coaching models to accelerate your progress towards it AND deliver the business results that allow for continued reinvestment.  

If you want this type of culture, if you want this rate of growth, let our team encourage you along the way.


Are you a leader ready to take the challenge with us?


Eric Gilbert,
CEO Anova Furnishings

I’m finally addressing deep challenges in my business. Our core business is sustainably profitable for the first time in 10+ years and we’re having fun. It’s not a coincidence this is all happening since I started working with Marc as an advisor and coach.

Beau Brauer,
Hunter Engineering

Marc is smart, experienced, efficient and 100% client-focused. He is a wonderful advisor and friend. 


Kevin Thompson, CFO/COO Cambridge Air Solutions

Marc is truly the most capable and talented leader with whom I have worked in my 30+ year career. He is both a highly capable engineer, and a extremely gifted sales leader. But most importantly, he strives to be a SERVANT LEADER, and succeeds much more frequently than not. I am also blessed to count him as a dear friend and mentor.

Doug Eisenhart,
President Cambridge
Air Solutions

I have been very blessed to have worked for strong leaders throughout the last 29 years. Marc's talents blend the proper mix of high intellect, vision and determination with humility, encouragement and care. I appreciate the way in which Marc leads the organization and me personally. I feel Marc's unconditional love for me as a person and his high expectations for me as a leader.

Kevin Thomson.jpg
Doug Eisenhart.jpg

Richard J. Wolkowitz
CEO and Family Advisor of Xylogenesis | Family Office Advisory

Marc has the unique ability to help high-pressured leaders become better versions of themselves, both as a human and as a professional. Marc clearly “walked-the walk” and shares his deep experience to enable me to evolve from within. Marc’s fresh and inspiring approach is a catalyst to my everyday work-life blend. Thank you, Marc!

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