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Marc D


Coaching Partners

Justin Albertson Headshot.jpg


Justin Albertson

 I empower executives seeking to expand their leadership influence and impact through behavioral change and assist them in strengthening relationships with colleagues and developing strategies that accelerate goal attainment. I partner to create targeted, actionable and measurable leadership development plans that produce results. Learn More >>



Marc D Braun

If you really knew me, you'd know that I love growth. I love the uncomfortable feeling I get when stretching and growing as a leader. I love the uneasy feeling when businesses grow beyond their current capabilities. And I love being close enough to others to experience when they courageously grow. 

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Susan Conrad

I believe in the transformative power of exceptional leaders and know it’s through courageous leadership that we can build a better world through business - one where both people and organizations thrive.   My passion for coaching is rooted in the sincere desire to develop and encourage leaders, and in turn, their teams, to grow and achieve their full potential.  Learn More >>

Kevin Thompson Headshot.jpg


Kevin Thompson

Our leadership is reflected in every aspect of this life, whether it's at work or at home. How we lead has a profound impact on the people we care about. Witnessing the positive effects of my own leadership growth on my colleagues and family, I've developed a deep passion for assisting others in discovering the joy of fostering transparency, vulnerability, care, and courage in their own leadership journeys.  

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Glynn Perry Headshot_edited.jpg


Glynn Perry

 My passion is to multiply my many years of leadership experiences, leverage them through my formal credentials as a trained coach, and raise up the next generation of diverse leaders. As a trained coach, I work with C-Suite executives and high-potential leaders to lead with confidence, build executive presence and strategically drive business results.  Learn More >>

Garry Ridge Headshot.jpg


Garry Ridge

If I can accomplish one thing, it would be to help companies create a workplace where people can go to work every day knowing that their efforts make a contribution to a cause bigger than themselves, where they feel safe, protected, and set free every day by a compelling set of values, learn something new, and try new things without fear.

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Jon Spiesman Headshot.jpg


Jon Spiesman

'Get more comfortable being uncomfortable’ is a personal mantra of mine. It's the foundation of my proven coaching framework that helps leaders explore their purpose and find the courage to become their best while targeting measurable improvement areas. True organizational change starts through courageous change by senior leaders.  Learn More >>

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