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Jon Spiesman Headshot_edited.jpg

Executive Coach

Jon Spiesman

Salt Lake City, Utah


A Bit About Me

‘Get more comfortable being uncomfortable’ has been a personal mantra of mine for the past decade or more.  The reason this attracted me is that we do not grow when we are in our comfort zones.  The motto was minted during a period of great comfort and even greater misery.  Something had to change and that something was me.  My whole life has changed since then….jobs, companies, vocations, networks, and locations.  Along the way I learned my purpose - to help other people explore their purpose and to find the courage to become the best they can be.  

In my personal time I love mountain biking, hiking and skiing with my wife, and spending time outdoors.  We have three adult children that we are rooting on from our now empty nest.


Freeing Executives to work ON their business instead of IN their business

I am a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and am very comfortable rolling up my sleeves and problem solving collaboratively.  These strengths got me quickly into leadership positions and I moved around quickly and often seeking new challenges.  I had the opportunity to lead teams of up to 1000+people in global and international settings in various functions from customer facing account management to back office, from purchase orders to customer orders.

Moving so often, I rarely had deep functional knowledge to fall back on so I had to develop strong leadership skills in finding clarity within complexity and navigating ambiguity.  Cutting to the heart of thorny issues with clarity and staying calm in the storm are traits people say they appreciate about me.  Rapidly developing people and teams was also required and eventually I learned it was the thing I loved to do the most.

When a foreign buyout began to change the entrepreneurial culture I loved, I retired from that chapter and began a new one, this time focused on that passion of helping to build people, teams, and cultures.

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