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Executive Coach

Kevin Thompson

St. Louis, Missouri


A Bit About Me

As leaders, even though we often try to convince ourselves otherwise, we truly live only one life. Our leadership is reflected in every aspect of this life, whether it's at work or at home. How we lead has a profound impact on the people we care about. Witnessing the positive effects of my own leadership growth on my colleagues and family, I've developed a deep passion for assisting others in discovering the joy of fostering transparency, vulnerability, care, and courage in their own leadership journeys. My true calling lies in helping clients experience those 'aha moments' when they realize the confidence and capabilities they never knew they possessed.


35+ Years as a Finance and Operations Leader Dedicated to Cultivating Courageous Leaders and Teams


I am a seasoned financial and operations executive who had an awakening moment when I realized that I was a competent manager, but not yet a great leader. Several years ago, I was fortunate to be surrounded by friends and colleagues who genuinely cared about my growth as a leader and who fearlessly invested in my development. Their care and courage have been transformational, igniting within me a strong desire to 'pay it forward.'


Through often challenging and painful experiences, I've come to appreciate the profound impact of vulnerability and transparency in not only shaping my leadership but also transforming my entire life. I've come to understand that leadership is not merely an obligation but a cherished privilege—one that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.


I have been happily married to Desire'e for 38 years, and together, we are blessed with seven wonderful children ranging in age from 8 to 35. Several of our children have blessed us with seven grandchildren, all of whom reside locally. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find enjoyment in shooting sports, hunting, woodworking, and reading historical fiction. I also actively serve on several nonprofit boards and fulfill the role of an Elder within my church community.

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