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Marc D Braun is a coach who teaches business leaders how to build cultures of growth in their companies. He served as president of Cambridge Air Solutions—a renowned engineering and manufacturing company revolutionizing HVAC technologies – and quadrupled revenue and increased profitability tenfold during his 13 years at the company. More recently, he founded, which supports and empowers visionary CEOs and their teams in crafting their own growth stories.



Marc D Braun loves growth and the uncomfortable feeling that comes when stretching and growing as a leader. He loves the uneasy feeling when businesses grow beyond their current capabilities. And he loves being close enough to others to experience when they courageously grow. Braun coaches CEOs and senior executives to lead fearlessly and build courageous cultures of growth.

His life's purpose is to encourage (breathe courage into) others to become everything they were created to be. This passion has led to a lifetime of pursuing challenge after challenge, testing potential and encouraging others to do the same.

Braun pursued a chemical engineering degree in college because he was told it had the most complex problems of any engineering discipline, and he embraces complexity. When he took his first real-world job, he quickly learned that engineering problems and statistical process control were nothing compared to getting everyone on the team aligned and moving in the same direction. Over the next decade, he focused on deep learning of people systems in sales and operations. He read voraciously, paid for professional coaching to accelerate his growth, and experimented with different leadership models to find the optimum.

Everywhere Braun went, specialty chemicals, oil and gas, manufacturing, service industry, sales, or operations, growth was the common factor. The business growth was directly correlated to his own growth as a leader and the growth of the people he had the privilege to lead.

Thirteen years ago, he had the honor of stepping into leadership of Cambridge Air Solutions, an engineering and manufacturing company focused on providing market-leading HVAC technologies for the commercial and industrial markets. Over the last decade, the team delivered 4X revenue growth and 10X profitability growth. Along with the financial gains, Cambridge became one of the US's most studied mid-sized manufacturing cultures. Over 5000 people traveled worldwide to visit the courageous culture and be encouraged and inspired by the Cambridge employees.

In July 2021, Braun stepped down as president after helping the owner transition to an internal successor. They are thriving, and he is ready to help other successful CEOs build their growth stories.

Keynote Offerings:

  • Encouraging Leadership

  • Building a Courageous Growth Culture

  • Unlocking Human Potential

  • The Power of Purpose AND Profit

  • Lean

  • A Courageous Safety Culture

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Hybrid Workforce

  • Coachability - The First Step

***All offerings can be adjusted for the specific needs of the group

Example Description:

Keynote Title: Creating a Courageous Safety Culture



Join Marc D Braun, an experienced leader in organizational transformation for a captivating exploration of how manufacturing and construction industries can cultivate a culture of courage and safety.

In "Creating a Courageous Safety Culture," Marc will highlight the profound impact of prioritizing safety as a cornerstone for achieving continuous improvement. Through compelling insights and practical examples, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how safety can be the driving force behind excellence in every facet of your organization's operations.

This keynote emphasizes the transition from conventional management to a coaching-based leadership approach, where leaders serve as catalysts for growth. By fostering an environment where individuals are encouraged to learn and grow from mistakes and failures, organizations can unlock the full potential of their teams. This, in turn, paves the way for increased innovation and creativity—crucial elements in building a robust safety culture.

Be prepared to be inspired and empowered to take a leadership role in creating a safer, more innovative, and ultimately more successful future for your organization.

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