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Courageous Coaching Cultures: Growing Your Business in Purpose & Profit - Marc D Braun & Garry Ridge

Garry Ridge, past CEO of WD-40, and Marc D Braun, co-founder and CEO of Encouraging Leaders, talk on the transformative power of coaching in organizational culture. They discuss the direct correlation between leadership behavior and business performance, emphasizing the necessity of employee engagement, wellness, and creativity. By sharing real-world examples and data, they illustrate how coaching can transform organizational dynamics and lead to sustained growth. This episode is a must-listen for leaders seeking to enhance their impact and drive their teams towards success.

Key Points:

• Leadership’s impact on business growth

• Strategies for improving employee engagement

• The critical role of wellness in the workplace

• Encouraging creativity to drive innovation

• Practical steps to implement a coaching culture for sustained success

Check it out.

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