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Woodard 1 Resources

Details for Client Cohorts provided for Encouraging Leaders Coaching Partners

Final Cohort Report

In Person - Off Site Session #1

  • Event Details

    • Monday, August 28th, 2023​

    • Address: (INSERT)

Off Site Presentation - Canva Viewable Doc

***Future presentations will be provided using PowerPoint as the platform***

Woodard Cohort In Person Event Follow Up Email

Virtual Session Schedule

  • All Coaching Partners involved are encouraged to attend but it is NOT a requirement. Those who are not "Lead" or "Support" can use these sessions as an opportunity to observe and provide feedback for improvements.

  • Proposed Lead/Support Coach Schedule (Subject to change):

    • Wednesday, September 13th (3:30-4:30PM Central Time) – Susan/Lead, Marc/Support

    • Wednesday, October 25th (3:30-4:30PM Central Time) – Jon/Lead, Chelsea/Support

    • Wednesday, November 15th (3:30-4:30PM Central Time) – Marc/Lead

PRE-EVENT Assignments



  • Coaching Partner to Client - Email or LinkedIn Message

Client List & Coaching Partner Assignments


Virtual Session #1 - Enrolling Stakeholders and Gathering Suggestions


  • Emphasizing Transparency in Goal Sharing

  • Conducting a Kickoff Meeting

  • Identifying Benefits of Change for Leaders, Businesses, and Stakeholders

  • Distinguishing Between Feedforward Suggestions and Feedback


Agenda Working Document - Woodard Cohort 1 - Virtual Session #1 Agenda

Example Agenda - Hunter Cohort 2 - Session #3 Agenda

Client Assignment #3 – Stakeholder Kickoff​ & Action Plan Development

  • Stakeholder Kickoff​

    1. Get Scheduled by 10/6-23 (with coach in support role)​

    2. Share Goal and Benefits​

    3. Asking for feedforward - suggestions​

    4. Remember Do's & Don’ts ​

  • Collect Suggestions to review with Coach

Follow Up Email Template - Woodard 1 Virtual Session #1 Follow Up Email

Virtual Session #2 - 


Agenda Working Document - Woodard 1 - Virtual Session #2 Agenda.docx

Example Agenda - Hunter Cohort 2 - Session #5 Agenda

Follow Up Email Template - Woodard 1 Virtual Session #2 Follow Up Email

Virtual Session #3 - Vision for the Future – Every Leader at Every Level


  • Exploring Zingerman's Visioning Process  

  • Establishing Scope and Timeline for Integrating Coaching into Leadership Development 

  • Crafting Proud Statements and Vision Exercises  

  • Sharing Visions with Fellow Participants 

  • Planning Next Steps with the Support of Encouraging Leaders' Team 

Agenda Working Document - 

Example Agenda - Hunter Cohort 2 - Session #6 Agenda

Follow Up Email Template - (LINK TO BE ADDED)

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